Team Work Makes

The Dreams Work



We are always devoted to offer our best possible professional services in the field of accountancy and love to go extra miles when it comes to client satisfaction. We aim to gain the trust of our clients as we take the responsibility of their tax compliance and matters on our shoulders while they focus on their business growth. 

Qualified&Trained Professionals

The handpicked team is comprised of professionals with wide range of experience leading “best in place” income tax accounting functions with both large corporate organizations and accounting firms.

Zakat & Tax Services

established in 2012 - a consultancy firm specialized in Tax & Zakat laws, legal support and assurance services. From last eight years, we continue to strive hard while facilitating corporate organizations with state-of-the-art and high valued services.

Zakat & Tax Services

We have an expert teams of professionals whose fundamental expertise are in Zakat& Tax, Audit, Legal support. Due to the excellent experience, while working closely with different sectors and organizations, our professionals have a unique 360° view of market

Why Almeqhem CPA ?

we analyze and measure our client progress and propose solutions designed to cater to the business requirements. we currently serve more than 200 domestic and international clients. integra international al meqham cpa is a member of integra international, one of the top 20 international alliances and associations in the world Integra International Al Meqham CPA brings world-class resources and exceptional services to each and every one of our clients. We are committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do, bringing our best to clients and earning public’s trust through our actions and behaviours both professionally and personally. We believe that through assisting businesses in Saudi Arabia in detecting and mitigating risk, we can help them to grasp the opportunities. Through our expertise, we can ensure that businesses are capitalizing on the opportunities in economic, effective and efficient manner This can ultimately drive a positive sustainable change for clients, our people and society at large

Al Meqhem CPA Offers,

Unparalleled partner-involvement Deep industry knowledge and participation Services as per current practices in industry. Geographic coverage across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cohesive national network Focused capabilities across disciplines