Expert Witness Services

Our expert witness services covers legal solutions for a wide range of legal issues, whether it is complicated commercial or
contractual dispute, breach of warranty claim or competition dispute. Our forensic accounting expert team can strategize
in achieving a successful and cost-efficient solutions.

Expert Witness Services

Our forensic accountants have wide sector expertise and extensive forensic experience and training. Our team has substantial
understanding of giving evidence in court, at arbitration hearings, acting as expert witnesses in expert determination and advising at
mediation. Through our extensive national presence and our international network, we can take on assignments wherever you are
located. The services we offer in this field are:


An expert’s witness represent an impartial view which is adequate in persuading a judge. It is important to have an expert in the specific field related
to the case and with the qualifications and expertise to prove that the expert is an impartial and trustworthy source of information. Essentially, a
forensic expert can help make an informed decision regarding a particular case.


Our objective is to offer a cost-effective way out to your legal issues, triggering an early negotiated settlement or a decision to proceed to a litigation,
where we can continue to act as your accounting expert. When disputes cannot be resolved within an early settlement and advance to the next stage
of litigation, we work with the client and legal teams throughout the dispute process, providing a 360-degree view to the case,


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